Optimizing Your Business Practices - Without Significant IT Investment

The current economic times have not only impacted most everyone personally, but many have also seen their work environment change – definitely healthcare.  “Meaningful Use” has forced investment and aggressive implementation timelines for electronic health records (EHRs) – challenging resource allocation in areas / systems that are on the fringe of the EHR.

Departments including perioperative services often are being required to “hold tight” with current software solutions or implemented functionality. . . but this can be an opportunity.  During implementation of their perioperative information system, many hospitals do not adequately align business practices with software strengths.

-Analyze and Challenge-

Where’s the Biggest Bang for the Buck?  Each environment will differ, but improvements in the following business functions can have significant payback.

Patient Scheduling
How long does it take to post a case?
How many phone calls occur between case posting and case performance – internally and externally?
How many times is the patient schedule printed? What Quantity?
Conflict Checking
Limited capital $$s for new equipment & instrumentation necessitates efficiency in managing your resources.
Do you know how many  “ORTHO MAJOR” sets exist?
Is the limitation contributing to lengthy turnovers or case delays?
Supply Requisitioning
How dependent are you on the skills of specific staff to ensure product availability?
Is there opportunity for a reduction in inventory levels?
Data Validity / Reporting
Do you really know if your system provides accurate reporting?
It’s 2019 – can you perform detailed procedure costing?
Preference Cards
Why are they still incorrect?
Is your maintenance structure flawed?
Who should be accountable?
Clinical Documentation
Are the data capture errors driven by bad design or potentially an inaccurate database?
Is a peer review process in place?
Does your nursing and anesthesia documentation processes capture redundant data?
Item File Accuracy
Are obsolete items still in the database?
Are specific elements such as each cost readily available?

There are numerous areas of opportunity beyond the samples provided – if you need a fresh perspective we can help.  We offer a number of tailored solutions that require minimal investment and risk sharing options are available.